After an interesting encounter at our first hotel in Switzerland… we had to leave.

Ended up in the Alps at Lenzerheide, Switzerland, which will be host to a World Cup Mountain Bike race in July.

It was not originally planned to change locations, but I am definitely happy it worked out this way. The new hotel we stayed in was so nice, and we were all really happy to have a kitchen plus do some laundry. We also had a sauna!

Our first-day plan was to go for an easy recovery ride, although in the end we almost rode down to the city at the base of the mountains then back up to Lenzerheide. About 1200 meters of climbing on that ride. It was so nice and sunny out, and we just wanted to ride.

On the second day, some fog rolled in, but it’s still so pretty and everything is so green! We did some intervals and my legs felt tired, but of course, how could I not enjoy my ride with it being so amazing out!! We stopped for a quick coffee break on the way back up the mountain to warm up a little and eat something.

After our ride, we packed up and were off to Germany! We are lucky to arrive at the race venue several days in advance, which gives us an opportunity to check out the course and any features or difficult sections without the pressure of 50 people watching you.

In total we had three days to pre ride the course, first just looking at everything learning and practising, second day fine tuning any lines or techniques, and the third day taking it at speed and linking everything together. The course is going to be fun!

There are a few jumps that I felt great on, and I’m looking forward to ripping through them.

The first lap I can guess where a few bottle necks will occur and it will be important to make up any positions in those areas. The field will be a bit smaller with about 30 registered, vs 60+ last weekend. Hopefully a little less hectic, although you never know here.

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