I left Edmonton early Wednesday morning, then connected with the other girls in Toronto. We all landed early Thursday morning in Zurich, Switzerland and were able to spend the afternoon walking around the beautiful downtown Zurich area.

Friday morning we all packed into the van and drove to a small town where we’ll be staying near the race course.

Van is packed, but it's a tight fit

Friday afternoon was our first pre-ride of the course. The course is different from what I am used to but really looking forward to racing and seeing how I stand compared to the extremely fast European girls.

This race is the first stop on the Switzerland Cup Series and is very well attended by big name European pro elite mountain bikers.

The course is very similar to a Cyclocross course in some parts, wide and grassy, although it connects together with very difficult technical sections. There are quite a few difficult sections with big gap jumps and drops.

I am super excited and nervous for my race on Sunday.

are 67 other Junior girls (17 or 18 yrs old) registered in my category, including the 2015 Junior World Champion from Italy. This will be the largest field I have ever raced against.

My start position is #32 of 67, so I’ll be in the fourth row with three rows of eight racers in front of me at the start. Such is the life of a first year Junior with no points. I’ll try my best to move up as quickly as I can after the start.

I will post another update as soon as possible. Good wifi in Switzerland seems to be hard to find.

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  1. Pauletta

    Will be thinking of you tomorrow!!! Have a great ride…,enjoy every minute!❤️Auntie P & L

  2. Chris

    Congrats on an amazing race in a Huge field! Pedalhead will be cheering you on in your next race in Germany……Have fun Race hard!

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